Young Princess Diana’s Crush on King Charles: The Early Days of Her Fairytale

Princess Diana’s journey into royal life began with an enchanting fairy tale marked by youthful infatuation and the thrill of young love.

Body language expert Judi James provides insight into the early days of Princess Diana’s marriage to King Charles III, revealing her feelings.

In an exclusive interview with, James delves into Diana’s genuine happiness during the initial phase of her relationship with King Charles.

She describes how Diana was deeply in love with the future king and had an unmistakable “crush” on him.

The fairy tale begins with their wedding day, where Diana’s body language betrays her emotions. James notes that Diana resembled a young girl with a crush, while Charles couldn’t resist showering her affectionately.

Though initially requested by Charles as a formality, the iconic kiss shared during their wedding ceremony took on a deeper meaning as Diana responded with a vulnerable arch of her neck, signaling her passionate love for her prince.

Their honeymoon photos further illustrated Diana’s enduring crush. Diana exuded optimism and youthful confidence when she sat beside her husband in a playful, relaxed pose.

Her symmetric smile revealed her contentment with her choice to marry the future heir to the throne.

Charles’ tender gesture of placing his hand on her shoulder was met with a romantic head tilt, reminiscent of a Mills and Boon novel scene. This moment symbolized Diana’s belief that she had found “the one.”

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