Where Are Their Old Compadres? The Missing Circle of Support for Harry and Meghan

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle navigate their new life, royal experts can’t help but wonder about the absence of their once-close friends, the “old compadres.” Commentator Daniela Elser raises thought-provoking questions, highlighting the missing connections.

Priyanka Chopra, once rumored to be close to Meghan after meeting a woman in a TV event, was a guest at the royal wedding.

However, the two haven’t been spotted together for years, leaving questions about the status of their friendship.

Similarly, George Clooney, who vocally defended Meghan in the face of media criticism, seems to have drifted apart from the Sussexes.

No sightings of them together or appearances at events held by the Clooney Foundation for Justice have been reported since then.

Elser’s inquiry leaves us pondering the state of Harry and Meghan’s friendships.

Where are the loyal confidants who stood by them in the past, ready to defend and support them?

The absence of their old compadres prompts questions about the dynamics and shifts in their social circles.

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