Uncertainty Surrounds Prince Harry’s Future in the US, Raises Concerns for His Family

The fate of Prince Harry hangs in the balance as concerns rise about his potential expulsion from the United States, leaving behind his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children.

Royal author and commentator Angela Levin sheds light on the worries surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, revealing a glimpse into the reality behind closed doors.

Levin’s published piece for Sky News Australia highlights the precarious nature of the couple’s future ventures, particularly after their deal with Spotify.

She introduces an air of confusion by questioning the direction their Netflix partnership is heading, stating that Meghan is reportedly secluded at home, working on a feminist prequel to Dickens’ “Great Expectations” called “Bad Manners.”

However, the focal point of these concerns revolves around Harry’s future in the US. Experts speculate whether he will be allowed back into America after admitting to illegal drug use.

The question lingers: Will he even attempt to return, and when will he be able to see his children? Levin raises these pressing issues, adding a layer of uncertainty to the narrative.

As the article concludes, Levin emphasizes that, much like their engagement with Netflix, the future of Harry and Meghan may hang in the balance.

The fears surrounding the potential ramifications of their actions continue to fuel speculation and apprehension about the couple’s next steps.

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