Twice Makes History on Billboard 200 with Third Album

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Twice, a popular K-pop girl group has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first female group in Billboard 200 to have three different albums charting for six weeks. Their latest comeback album, Ready To Be, was released on March 10th and made a historic debut by claiming the second spot on the chart. It achieved the biggest sales week of any K-pop girl group.

For the week ending on April 30th, Ready To Be continued to chart at No. 107, marking their sixth week on the chart. Previously, their albums BETWEEN 1 & 2 and Formula of Love: O+T=<3 also successfully charted for six weeks.

In addition to the Billboard 200 chart, Ready To Be also performs well on charts such as the World Albums Chart, which currently holds the No. 3 spot. It is also ranked at No. 9 on the Top Current Album Sales and the Top Album Sales charts.

In conclusion, Twice’s latest comeback album, Ready To Be, has achieved remarkable success by charting for six weeks on Billboard 200 and performing well on other music charts.

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