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Tom Sandoval Explodes at Vanderpump Rules Producer in Meltdown Over Raquel

Tom Sandoval, one of the stars of the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules”, recently had a dramatic outburst on set.

According to sources, Sandoval became angry and started yelling at a producer over his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss.

The incident reportedly occurred during filming for the show’s upcoming season.

Sandoval was upset about how Leviss was being portrayed on the show and accused the producer of not showing her in a fair light.

Sources say that Sandoval’s outburst was so intense that other cast members had to intervene to calm him down. However, Sandoval has not yet commented publicly on the incident.

This is not the first time that drama has erupted on the “Vanderpump Rules” set.

The show, which follows employees’ lives at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR, has been known for its explosive arguments, romantic entanglements, and behind-the-scenes drama.

In conclusion, Tom Sandoval had a meltdown on the “Vanderpump Rules” set over his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss.

The incident highlights the drama and tension that often accompanies reality TV shows and raises questions about the authenticity of the show’s portrayal of its cast members.

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