The Truth Behind Ben Affleck’s Absence from Met Gala 2023 with Jennifer Lopez

It was the moment many fans had been waiting for: the reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2023.

But when Lopez showed up alone, many wondered where her beau was.

Rumors and speculation started to surface, but we have the exclusive scoop on what happened.

According to a close source, Affleck could not attend the event due to a scheduling conflict.

The actor and director are currently working on a new film project, and unfortunately, filming ran later than expected.

Despite his desire to be there with Lopez, his work commitments took precedence.

But just because Affleck wasn’t physically present at the Met Gala, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t there in spirit.

Our source revealed that he constantly communicated with Lopez throughout the night, sending her messages of support and love.

The couple rekindled their romance earlier this year and have been inseparable since.

They have been spotted out and about together, attending events and spending quality time with each other’s families.

Their love story has captured the hearts of many, and fans are eagerly awaiting their next move.

As for the Met Gala 2023, Lopez stunned in a beautiful red gown by designer Ralph Lauren paired with sparkling jewelry and a chic updo.

She was the epitome of elegance and glamour, and her absence of Affleck didn’t take away from her radiance.

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