The Queen Catherine Curse: A Cautionary Tale for Princess Kate

As the day approaches, when Prince William ascends to the throne as King, his wife, Princess Kate, will assume the title of the sixth Queen Catherine in British history.

Yet, an author has drawn attention to the unfortunate destinies that have befallen the previous Queen Catherines, sounding a cautionary note for Kate’s future role.

In the newly published book “The Catherine Code,” author Bob Casey delves into the history of Kate’s five royal predecessors, Catherine. He reveals how they were often “ill-fated and ill-treated by their husbands.”

The first of these unfortunate Queens, Catherine, was Catherine of Aragon, daughter of the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella. She faced a tumultuous marital journey, initially wed to Prince Arthur, the elder brother of Henry VIII, who tragically passed away at a young age.

Following Arthur’s death, Catherine married Henry VIII, but despite their union, she only bore one surviving child, Mary I. When she couldn’t provide Henry with a male heir, he sought a divorce, which led to her exile and eventual demise.

Another heartbreaking tale is that of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife. She married the King at 17, but her past relationships returned to haunt her when Henry discovered them. This led to her execution at a mere 19 years old.

Catherine Parr, Henry’s sixth wife, managed to outlive him, but she, too, could not escape the clutches of the so-called “curse.” Tragically, she died in childbirth just a year after remarrying following Henry’s death.

Centuries later, Catherine of Braganza became the wife of King Charles II. Her reign was marred by false accusations of a plot to poison the King, made by Protestant extremists who were angry that she hadn’t produced an heir. Fortunately, Charles exonerated her from these charges.

Now, with Prince William poised to assume the throne, Kate will take on the mantle of the latest Queen Catherine.

The fervent hopes of her supporters are that she will steer clear of the tragic fates that have haunted her regal namesakes and forge a happier and more prosperous legacy for the name.

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