The Missed Chance of a Happy Ending: Prince Harry’s Role in Megxit Rupture

In a thought-provoking piece for, royal commentator Daniela Elser expressed her disappointment over Prince Harry’s alleged failure to take necessary steps to avert the “great rupture of Megxit.”

Elser painted an alternate reality where Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, embraced a different path filled with joy and contentment.

In this imaginary world, he is depicted as a happy man, surrounded by dusty shades of khaki, lending a helping hand to leathery beasts and playing peekaboo with toddlers.

The lamentable truth, however, is that the happy ending remains elusive, and Elser wonders what could have been if specific actions had been taken earlier.

She points out that a simple call made years ago might have steered the course of events in a more positive direction, potentially preventing the tumultuous journey that led to Megxit.

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