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“The Idol” Star Jane Adams Dispels Toxic Set Rumors, Defends the Show’s Importance

Amidst swirling rumors of toxic working conditions on the set of HBO Max’s “The Idol,” one of the show’s stars, Jane Adams, has stepped up to address the claims and defend the series.

Starring Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd, the show has faced criticism but continues to make headlines.

Adams, who portrays Jocelyn’s label executive, expressed surprise that such rumors were gaining traction.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she stated, “I’ve never seen anything like it, the relentless refusal to change the narrative.”

Adams firmly denied the allegations and spoke out against the “feminists” who have been critical of the show, urging them to listen to the voices of those involved in the production.

Despite mixed reviews, Adams stood by the show’s importance. As “The Idol” completed its first season with five episodes, it faced backlash for portraying the music industry and handling sensitive subjects like abuse and addiction.

However, Adams defended the series, emphasizing the necessity of shedding light on the industry’s dark side.

“It’s crucial to show the gritty reality behind the glitz and glamour,” she explained.

Jane Adams’ statements align with The Weeknd’s recent denial of toxic set rumors during an interview.

The acclaimed musician and actor confirmed that there was no truth to the speculations, highlighting the cast’s enjoyable experience while working on the show.

As the controversy unfolds, “The Idol” fans eagerly follow the debate, appreciating Adams’ and The Weeknd’s perspectives.

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