Suits Surges in Streaming Charts: The Power Behind its Resurgence Revealed!

The executive producer of Suits, Gene Klein, spills the beans on the unexpected streaming surge that has turned the show into one of the most significant sensations globally.

Despite speculation linking the surge to Meghan Markle’s involvement, Klein didn’t mention her, surprising fans and industry insiders.

According to, Suits currently dominates the Nielsen streaming chart, captivating viewers worldwide.

In an interview, Klein expressed his pride in the show and how it has significantly boosted viewership since landing on Netflix.

“I was surprised. I’m very proud of the show,” Klein revealed. “When I found out it was coming to Netflix, I knew it would get a burst of viewing, but I did not expect this level of success. People are sticking with it. It’s lovely.”

However, the mystery remains as to why a show that has been off-air for years still commands such immense popularity. Klein believes there are two critical factors at play.

One is the undeniable allure of the show itself, which has a compelling storyline and well-developed characters.

The other is the power of the streaming platform that brought it to a global audience.

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