Royal Showdown: King Charles’ Plan to Keep Meghan Away from Harry’s Children

In a dramatic twist within the British monarchy, rumors of an impending separation between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have surfaced. King Charles III has reportedly prepared a cunning plan to safeguard his grandchildren.

If the separation becomes a reality, the 74-year-old monarch supposedly aims to take custody of Harry and Meghan’s children, keeping them away from the Duchess.

This bold move is due to the swirling rumors that Meghan could ask Harry for a staggering $80 million in child support.

These whispers have not only reached the royal family but have also drawn Buckingham Palace’s attention.

The Palace is allegedly determined to assist Harry in foiling Meghan’s supposed plans, leading to speculations about King Charles’ intentions.

According to local press reports, King Charles’ objective is to ensure that his grandchildren remain out of the Hollywood spotlight and outside the royal lineage, which poses a significant challenge considering their mother’s prominent status.

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