Royal Rivalries: Camilla’s Controversial Remark about Meghan Markle Revealed

In a revelation that has sent shockwaves through royal circles, expert royal author Tom Bower unveiled Queen Consort Camilla’s long-standing concerns about Meghan Markle.

According to Bower, the 76-year-old royal reportedly referred to the Duchess of Sussex as a ‘minx,’ accusing her of being ungrateful for her royal fate.

Bower shed light on behind-the-scenes conversations, where Camilla expressed her fears about the Sussexes challenging the authority of King Charles, her husband, but also assuring him of his eventual triumph.

The author described Camilla’s perception of Meghan as a ‘self-seeking troublemaker’ whose actions would lead to unfortunate outcomes.

But that’s not all. The intriguing details didn’t end there.

Camilla had another nickname for Meghan – ‘Californian,’ perhaps alluding to her American background.

However, this disclosure is just a glimpse into the ongoing tensions within the Royal Family.

Even before her marriage to King Charles, Camilla faced intense media scrutiny.

At the Coronation, the former Duchess of Cornwall encountered boos from the crowd, highlighting the complexities of her relationship with the public.

Body language expert Judi James also noted the subtle tensions during the Coronation, observing Charles’s protective behavior towards Camilla amid the hostile reception from the public.

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