Royal Rifts: Victoria and David Beckham’s Friendship with Meghan and Harry Comes to an End?

According to recent reports, the longstanding friendship between Victoria and David Beckham and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appears to have hit a rough patch.

Speculations are rife that the celebrity couple may have severed ties with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over alleged leaks to the press.

As whispers about the alleged rift continue, rumors of a shift in the Hollywood spotlight continue. A-listers are said to gravitate towards Prince William and Kate Middleton, possibly avoiding Meghan and Harry.

Reports suggest that some may be wary of being seen as favoring one side over the other in the ongoing royal drama.

Insiders reveal that Meghan and Harry may not be thrilled about the Waleses’ upcoming trips to the United States, including Hollywood, where they will likely receive a warm welcome on the red carpet.

The competitive atmosphere may have contributed to the tension between the once-close friends.

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