Royal Rift Deepens: Meghan Markle’s Birthday Ignites Rumors of a Bitter Divide

In the latest episode of the ongoing royal saga, Meghan Markle’s birthday snub by Prince William and Kate Middleton has ignited a fresh wave of speculation about the tensions brewing within the royal family.

As the Duchess of Sussex turned 42, her notable absence from the well-wishing messages of the Cambridges raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams dissected the situation, revealing the intriguing dynamics. He highlighted that in previous years, Meghan had received birthday wishes from various members of the Royal Family through their official social media accounts.

However, those messages were conspicuously absent this year, hinting at a deeper rift.

Fitzwilliams shed light on the broader context, emphasizing that Prince Harry’s memoir and candid interviews about it had significantly strained relations within the royal household.

The Sussexes’ previous interviews, including the much-discussed Oprah interview, have also contributed to the tensions.

The royal institution faces a challenge in directly refuting the accusations made by the Sussexes. As a response, they seem to be resorting to a more subtle strategy – distancing themselves from Meghan’s birthday celebrations.

Fitzwilliams interprets this as a strategic move to assert the growing divide between the two parties.

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