Royal Retreat: King Charles and Camilla’s Emotional Summer Change

In a surprising twist, King Charles and Queen Camilla are set to break a longstanding tradition that Queen Elizabeth cherished dearly.

Instead of staying at Balmoral Castle during the royal family’s summer holidays in Scotland, the couple will seek solace at Birkhall.

According to a report by Daily Record UK, the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth has left King Charles emotionally impacted.

Traditionally, the beloved monarch made a pilgrimage to Balmoral Castle, her favorite royal residence, for the summer.

However, the emotional toll has led King Charles and Camilla to choose Birkhall as their summer retreat, at least until autumn.

This decision marks a significant departure from decades of tradition, leaving Balmoral Castle without a reigning monarch’s physical presence for the first time in years.

Earlier speculations suggested that King Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton would head to Balmoral Castle with the rest of the Royal Family for the summer holiday.

However, the plan change brings a poignant shift to the royal calendar.

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