Royal Family’s “Wishful” Support: Meghan and Harry’s Hollywood Path

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry embark on their Hollywood careers, the Royal Family seems to have taken an interesting stance.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have recently secured the rights to the bestselling novel “Meet Me By The Lake,” have garnered support from the Royal Family, albeit in a peculiar manner.

PR expert Matt Yanofsky agreed with this, suggesting that the support carries an underlying “passive-aggressive” undertone.

In an exclusive conversation with The Mirror, Yanofsky remarked that “wishing Meghan the best” reads like a carefully worded public relations move, hinting at a certain level of strategic distance.

While the true intentions of the Royal Family remain hidden, Yanofsky noted that this particular statement might not be the most effective approach to encourage Meghan and Harry’s progress.

He further elaborated that if the goal is to discourage Meghan from engaging in public criticism or “mudslinging,” a statement with a passive-aggressive tone might not be the most suitable way to convey it.

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