Royal Family’s “Passive Aggressive” Reaction to Meghan and Harry’s New Project Raises Eyebrows

The Royal Family’s interest in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s upcoming project has sparked intrigue, with experts suggesting there might be more to their support than meets the eye.

PR and advertising expert Matt Yanofsky has shed light on what he believes is a “passive-aggressive” reaction from the monarchy.

In an interview with The Daily Mirror US, Yanofsky delved into the Royal Family’s response to Meghan and Harry’s request to share their love story.

The couple has acquired the rights to the book “Meet Me at the Lake” by Carley Fortune, a story that resonates with their lives.

Their production company, Archewell Productions, has gained some backing from the Royal Family for this project.

However, Yanofsky raises the possibility that this support might be more of a “PR move” on the part of King Charles’ monarchy.

He points out that saying “wishing Meghan the best” seems to carry an underlying passive-aggressive tone, possibly a self-preservation tactic.

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