Royal Experts Sound Alarm: Prince William and King Charles Must Learn to Share

A dire warning has been issued to Prince William and King Charles, urging them to relearn the art of sharing and avoid causing another rift within the royal family.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser delivered this message, stressing the importance of maintaining the monarchy’s resilience.

In her piece for, Elser highlighted the critical state of affairs, declaring that the House of Windsor cannot afford another familial fracture.

She underscored the need for unity and cohesion among the royal members, emphasizing that their actions must strengthen the monarchy.

Elser cautioned against Prince William’s overeagerness to position himself as the King-in-waiting, suggesting that he should exercise patience and avoid conflict with his father, King Charles.

She also advised Charles to keep his ego in check when his son and daughter-in-law, undoubtedly more popular, garner media attention.

The royal expert humorously concluded her piece, suggesting that a morning spent relearning the art of sharing might benefit William and Charles.

She playfully hinted that if they cooperate and act harmoniously, there might be a reward—a large slice of jam roly-poly.

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