Royal Expert’s Bold Claim: Meghan Markle Needs Prince Harry

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has been at the center of speculation lately, with rumors about a possible ‘trial separation’ from Prince Harry.

Royal expert Angela Levin weighed in on the matter, stating that Meghan would be ‘nothing’ without her husband, Prince Harry, should they part ways.

During an interview with Sky News Australia, Angela expressed her belief, asserting that Meghan’s identity and public persona have become deeply intertwined with her marriage to Prince Harry.

She emphasized that the Duchess seems eager to showcase her strength and independence apart from him.

While the couple previously appeared inseparable and content together, Angela noted a shift in their relationship dynamics.

According to her, the once affectionate and happy couple now displays signs of emotional distance, with no contact or support evident.

The speculations regarding the state of the royal couple’s marriage intensified when reports emerged about them ‘taking time apart’ to heal and strengthen their bond.

Some sources claimed that Meghan’s aspirations for Hollywood stardom didn’t align with Harry’s vision, leading to tension.

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