Royal Expert Slams Prince Harry’s Failed Attempt to Shame the Royal Family

In a recent legal setback for Prince Harry, a high court ruled that his attempt to shame the royal family through a lawsuit against a tabloid newspaper would not include phone hacking claims.

Royal expert Angela Levin didn’t hold back her opinions on the matter.

Levin, the author of “Harry: A Biography of a Prince,” took to Twitter to express her thoughts.

She stated that Harry’s allegations of Buckingham Palace’s collusion with newspaper executives had no evidence and were filled with venom.

The judge’s ruling labeled these claims ‘implausible,’ leaving the Duke of Sussex’s efforts to shame his family in tatters.

Prince Harry’s lawsuit targets several UK newspapers, including News Group Newspapers, the publisher of The Sun, and the now-defunct News of the World tabloids.

Despite some elements of his case proceeding to trial, the judge’s decision dealt a blow to the core of his attempt to disgrace the royal family.

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