Royal Birthday Drama: Kate and William’s ‘Savvy’ Move Amid Meghan’s Celebration

In regal intricacies, a quiet birthday turned into a scene of calculated subtleties as Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, chose not to wish Meghan Markle on her special day.

The silence echoed louder than words, sending ripples of speculation throughout the royal watchers’ community.

Behind this seemingly innocuous decision lies a tale of strategic moves within the palace corridors. Royal expert Hilary Fordwich delves into the layers of this narrative, painting a portrait of intentional choices and unspoken messages.

Fordwich unveils that Kate and William, unbound by the confines of protocol, carried out a thought-out strategy.

“The most definite snub is from Prince William and Kate since they aren’t bound by protocol at all,” she asserts. Interestingly, they extended their best wishes to Meghan on her birthday last year through their Twitter and Instagram accounts, sharing warm sentiments and a photo. However, this year’s move deviated from the norm.

Their savvy maneuver involved recognizing a documentary team’s accomplishments rather than directly wishing Meghan. This strategic gesture showcased their social media understanding and implied a meticulously orchestrated choice.

Fordwich sheds light on King Charles’ perspective as well. His absence of formal birthday wishes aligns with an established royal protocol that reserves these gestures for working family members. In adhering to this norm, she notes that Charles mirrors the path set by Queen Elizabeth II.

Nevertheless, Charles’s lack of warm regard does spark conversations about his relationship with the Duchess of Sussex.

Fordwich suggests that while the absence of wishes might be perceived as a snub by some, it also underscores the complexities of royal relationships and their nuances.

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