“Red, White & Royal Blue”: A Comedy of Confusion Sparks Royal Speculations

In the upcoming romantic comedy film “Red, White & Royal Blue,” a captivating love story unfolds, featuring a British prince who falls for America’s First Son.

But as the trailer and poster hit the screens, thousands of royal fans were puzzled and engrossed in heated discussions.

Based on Casey McQuiston’s best-selling novel, the movie narrates an enemies-to-lovers tale, following the journey of British prince Henry (played by Nicholas Galitzine) and American first son Alex Claremont-Diaz.

However, confusion arose when fans started debating whether the film’s storyline secretly mirrored the lives of Britain’s own Prince Harry and Prince William.

The movie doesn’t revolve around HRH Prince Henry, Mountbatten-Windsor, but rather another strawberry blonde Prince Henry referred to as “the Spare.”

In the UK, being “the Spare” means you are not the Prince of Wales, a title exclusively reserved for the heir to the throne.

The movie’s synopsis mentions a queen, while the protagonist’s father holds the title of Prince of Wales.

Critics claim that the film’s poster added to the bewilderment, as the actor portraying Prince Henry bears a striking resemblance to King Charles’ elder son, Prince William.

As the movie’s release draws near, audiences eagerly anticipate this comedic saga while pondering the real-life royal inspirations behind the fictional romance.

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