Queen Camilla’s Hilarious Wimbledon Moment Leaves Everyone in Stitches

Queen Camilla brought laughter to Wimbledon as she delighted the crowd with a hilarious joke during her visit on Wednesday.

Accompanied by her sister Annabel Elliot, the Queen Consort joined the spectators on Centre Court to watch the quarter-finals.

During her time at the prestigious event, the 75-year-old royal met some of the critical members of the Wimbledon team, including ball boy Sean and ball girls Larissa and Cassie.

Curious about their experiences, she inquired if they had worked at Wimbledon before and if they were enjoying their roles.

In a surprising revelation, Camilla shared that she had once been a ballgirl, humorously adding that it was “one hundred years ago at Queen’s [Club].”

She described the job as “quite difficult” and emphasized the need to be “very agile.”

Engaging with the young team, the Queen playfully remarked to Sean that he must be “feeling very fit” if he worked across all the courts.

 She turned to Cassie and asked if she was “a bit of an expert,” recalling her experience as a ball girl at a previous championship.

Reportedly, Camilla had served as a ball girl during her school days at Queen’s Gate.

Sporting a stylish white ensemble with dark stripes, the Queen Consort radiated elegance and joy as she enjoyed one of the royal family’s favorite sports.

Zara and Mike Tindall were also present at SW19, adding to the royal presence at the tournament.

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