Princess Elisabeth of Belgium: Channeling Kate Middleton’s Chic Summer Style!

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium turned heads as she joined her family for the Belgian National Day celebrations in Brussels.

The 21-year-old future heir to the throne showcased a captivating cap-sleeve, tea-length yellow dress complemented by a fashionable straw hat, drop earrings, and chic beige heels.

Interestingly, her outfit bore a striking resemblance to a memorable ensemble donned by none other than Kate Middleton during Wimbledon the previous year!

The Duchess of Cambridge, aged 41, had won hearts with her impeccable summer style when she attended the women’s singles final at Wimbledon in July 2022.

Kate’s radiant yellow dress and elegant straw hat became one of her standout looks for the tournament.

The maker of Elisabeth’s stylish hat, Maison Fabienne Delvigne, even shared a delightful video showcasing the crafting process of this exquisite accessory fit for royalty.

Crafted with real Panama and adorned with contemporary ribbon trim, the hat perfectly accentuated Princess Elisabeth’s ensemble.

This year’s Belgian National Day held even more significance for the royal family as they celebrated the tenth anniversary of King Philippe’s accession to the throne.

The king’s father, King Albert, surrendered on July 3, 2013, citing health reasons, and his son Philippe was sworn in as the new king on National Day.

The celebrations also included formal portraits of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, showcasing their regal military attire.

The couple’s four teenagers, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel, and Princess Eleonore, also graced the occasion, attending the Te Deum mass at Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral.

Amid the festivities, King Albert and Queen Paola made a special appearance, marking Albert’s first public event since his hospitalization for dehydration.

The former King of Belgium, aged 89, had recently returned home after a week of care.

Princess Elisabeth has been stepping into the royal spotlight more frequently, as evidenced by her presence at Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan’s wedding and a charming tiara moment during an evening banquet.

Elisabeth will make history as the expected future queen regnant of Belgium, thanks to a new act of succession that introduced absolute primogeniture before her birth in 1991.

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