Princess Diana’s Heartache: Queen Elizabeth’s Role in Charles Divorce

Princess Diana’s journey through her tumultuous marriage to King Charles took a heart-wrenching turn due to a pivotal letter from Queen Elizabeth II.

The letter, delivered to Diana during a time of profound difficulty, left her feeling angry and trapped within the dynamics of her royal marriage.

The episode dates back to 1995 when Princess Diana engaged in an interview with BBC’s Martin Bashir.

During the candid conversation, Diana unveiled her emotions and struggles within her marriage to Charles, shedding light on the factors that eventually led to their separation.

In a special letter, Queen Elizabeth II reportedly conveyed to Diana the collective decision that had been made, stating:

“I have consulted with the Archbishop of Canterbury and with the prime minister and, of course, with Charles, and we have decided that the best course for you is divorce.”

This communication left Diana grappling with a sense of coercion and the feeling that the decision was beyond her control.

The sentiment of being compelled into a divorce weighed heavily on her, adding to her already experiencing emotional turmoil.

Amidst this tumultuous period, Buckingham Palace officially announced the divorce. The statement revealed,

“After considering the present situation, the Queen… gave them their view, supported by the Duke of Edinburgh [the late Prince Philip], that an early divorce is desirable.”

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