Princess Diana’s Brother’s Heartfelt Tribute on 26th Anniversary

On the 26th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic passing, her brother, Charles Spencer, chose to remember his beloved sister with a heartfelt tribute.

Charles took to Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) to express his emotions.

Charles shared a poignant childhood photograph of himself and Diana in his tribute. This image captures a candid moment from their early years, with young Diana affectionately placing her arm around her little brother.

Diana is dressed in a charming pink and white striped dress with a dainty collar, radiating her timeless elegance and warmth.

Notably, this tribute from Diana’s brother stands out, as there was silence on this occasion from the British royal family and senior members of the Firm on social media.

While the official channels remained quiet, it’s possible that they honored Princess Diana privately, away from the public eye.

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