Prince William’s Silent Battle: The Unspoken Ammunition for Prince Harry

Tensions between Prince William and Prince Harry continue to simmer, with Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, offering insights into the royal rift.

In an interview with The Mirror US, Burrell, Princess Diana’s close confidant, he shared his thoughts.

According to Burrell, Prince William harbors feelings of frustration because he has never been able to defend his wife, Kate Middleton, against criticism publicly.

Burrell highlighted Kate’s unwavering commitment to her royal role and impeccable conduct, emphasizing that she has “never put a foot wrong.”

The royal expert expressed his belief that Prince William is hurt by the criticism directed at Kate, particularly because he lacks a public voice to support her. This unresolved tension remains a sore point between the brothers.

Burrell suggested that the ongoing rift between Prince William and Prince Harry is due to unspoken grievances that have festered over time.

He acknowledged that siblings’ disagreements and conflicts are natural, but some wounds run deeper.

One of the underlying issues is Prince Harry’s mourning of his lost connection to the army and his cherished military titles and uniforms.

Burrell emphasized Prince Harry’s dedication to serving his country and his struggle to accept the removal of his military roles.

The unresolved tensions and grievances suggest that the “War of the Waleses,” a reference to the ongoing feud, is far from resolved.

Burrell even hinted that more “ammunition” might be fired at the royal family as the public awaits Meghan Markle’s perspective, potentially in a future book.

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