Prince William’s Peace Move: Planning to Reunite with Prince Harry in the US

Prince William, the future King of Wales, is reportedly taking a significant step towards reconciliation with his estranged brother, Prince Harry.

According to sources from OK! Prince William is prepared to set aside past conflicts and is interested in meeting Prince Harry in the United States.

The insider shared that Prince William intends to arrange a meeting before the summer concludes, with the idea of possibly meeting halfway, particularly in New York.

The source further mentioned that William needs to discuss and persuade his wife, Kate Middleton, about the idea, as he believes it’s necessary to rebuild their relationship.

This potential reunion surprises many, as the brothers’ relationship has been strained in recent times.

However, the source revealed that Prince William views this as a long overdue move, emphasizing his willingness to extend an olive branch to Prince Harry.

It’s noteworthy that Prince William is scheduled to visit the United States for the second Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York City on September 19.

The visit is expected to span two days, during which he will participate in various engagements and meetings.

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