Prince William’s ‘Ego-Stroking’ Spurs Comparisons to a ‘Human Volvo’

Prince William has been likened to a ‘human Volvo’ by experts, drawing attention to his actions in comparison to historical monarchs.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser delved into this perspective in a piece for

Elser began by exploring the historical instances where the British monarchy faced challenges and uncertainty.

She highlighted historical moments when monarchs took self-serving steps to solidify their reigns, mentioning King William the Conqueror and the late Queen’s foray into royal reality TV.

In Elser’s eyes, though years away from ascending the throne, Prince William follows a similar pattern. She labeled him the ‘human personification of a Volvo’ – implying that his actions are practical and unflashy, much like the renowned car brand.

Despite his distance from the throne, Prince William has indulged in ego-stroking outings reminiscent of his royal predecessors. Elser compared these moves to the historical inclination of monarchs to bolster their profiles.

The comparison comes amidst past reports of Prince William’s fiery temper, documented in Robert Jobson’s book “The Man and the Monarch Revealed.”

The book reveals instances of Prince William’s confrontations with King Charles, suggesting that his forceful exchanges even left Charles shaken.

Allegedly, King Charles perceives his sons’ tempers as reminiscent of their late mother, Diana’s, which had posed challenges during her marriage to Charles.

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