Prince Harry’s Unforgiving Stance: The Fallout Over ‘Hate-Filled’ Military Decision

Prince Harry’s ongoing grudge against his father, King Charles, seems far from resolved, as he reportedly refuses to forgive what has been described as a ‘hate-filled’ decision regarding his military titles.  

Royal biographer Robert Jobson sheds light on this in a revealing interview with True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat.

Jobson begins by expressing his appreciation for Prince Harry’s recent initiatives, such as the Heart of Invictus project.

However, he delves into the possible reasons behind Harry’s recent shocking allegations against his brother, Prince William, suggesting that there may be a deeper underlying issue.

He starts the conversation by acknowledging,

“It’s great that he is doing these things, but [the King] would probably like him to have stayed in an organization like the army or the armed forces…”

Jobson believes that had Harry received more support in this direction, he could have made significant contributions to the Royal Family.

The heart of the matter lies in Harry’s discontent with losing his military role, particularly his position as Captain General of the Royal Marines.

Jobson emphasizes that Harry despises being stripped of these titles, which is significant for him.

In a poignant reflection, Jobson shares,

“If he’d remained within the Royal Family and not taken the path he has, I think he’d have been hugely beneficial to the country and could have contributed even more.”

It’s a sentiment that underscores the missed opportunities and the tension within the royal family.

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