Prince Harry’s UK Visit Sparks Nerves Amongst Royals

Prince Harry’s impending visit to the UK has stirred apprehension among his estranged brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

According to a friend of the royal couple, they are nervous that Harry’s visit, coinciding with the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, could potentially overshadow the solemn occasion.

The unease primarily stems from concerns that Prince Harry might use this opportunity to generate publicity for his new Netflix series, “Heart of Invictus,” and the Invictus Games.

The friend of William and Kate noted,

“Harry is going to want people to watch the show. Of course, that makes them nervous because William has seen how ruthless Harry has been about betraying his family to promote his projects so far.”

The royal couple desires to ensure that the day commemorates Queen Elizabeth’s legacy without disruptions.

They are keen on preserving the dignity of the occasion and are wary of any potential outbursts that could divert attention from the event’s solemnity.

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