Prince Harry’s Travalyst Faces Turmoil: Omitted from New Board

According to a recent report, Prince Harry’s eco-tourism venture, Travalyst, has hit a rough patch as the Duke of Sussex finds himself absent from the announcement of the new board members.

In a press release on May 24th, Chief Executive of Travalyst, Sally Davey, declared that the company had moved “into its next phase of growth.”

Travalyst, launched three years ago, aimed to test the hypothesis that an independent not-for-profit could accelerate the travel industry’s progress toward a net positive impact.

While celebrating the company’s progress and the expansion of its Founding Partners from five to nine, the press release conspicuously omitted any mention of Prince Harry himself.

The press release continued to introduce the new board members, boasting their expertise in impact, systems change, not-for-profit governance, advocacy, and campaigning for a sustainable world.

However, the Duke of Sussex was nowhere on the list. Despite not being mentioned in the recent press release, Harry’s involvement in Travalyst remains significant.

Newsweek reported that he still “remains committed to the project” and continues to be in contact with the board and CEO of Travalyst. He is still listed as the “founder and patron on the company’s website.”

In response to the omission, Sally Davey assured The Independent that Prince Harry’s role in Travalyst has not changed.

She emphasized that he continues actively involved in strategic discussions and decisions alongside partners and the board.

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