Prince Harry’s ‘Traumaquake’ Becomes Shakespearean Tale

Prince Harry’s life has taken on an almost Shakespearean quality, with its ups and downs referred to as a ‘traumaquake.’

Royal commentator Jan Moir has amusingly delved into the intricacies of his existence, highlighting the drama that often unfolds in his world.

Comparing the complexity of Prince Harry’s experiences to the depth found in Shakespeare’s plays, Moir playfully coined the term ‘traumaquake’ to describe the ongoing saga of the Duke of Sussex’s life.

In her witty piece for Perth Now, she humorously suggests that only Shakespeare himself could aptly capture the range of emotions and events that have shaped Prince Harry’s journey.

The playful article touches on the recent news reports surrounding Meghan Markle’s alleged ‘evergrowing anxiety’ and the rumored tensions between Prince Harry and Prince William.

Moir finds humor in the parallels between real-life figures and characters from a fictional novel, including a character named ‘Will’ who bears certain resemblances to actual individuals.

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