Prince Harry’s Title Vanishes: Buckingham Palace’s Formal Resignation Sparks Controversy

Prince Harry’s title has vanished from Buckingham Palace’s official website in a digital twist that has sent shockwaves through royal circles.

The sudden omission of his royal designation has stirred debates about his standing within the monarchy and the intentions behind the move.

In an engaging piece for, Royal commentator Daniela Elser delves into the intriguing details of Prince Harry’s virtual ‘resignation.’

She highlights the symbolism behind this act, referring to it as a ‘formal resignation’ orchestrated by Buckingham Palace.

Elser encapsulates the sentiment with a poignant statement: “This week, the royal family essentially delivered a fresh snub to the Duchess of Sussex via the edit button.”

She remarks on the long-awaited update of The Firm’s online presence with a dash of wry humor, marking a transition after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s resignations.

Elser’s narrative captures the complexity of this change, equating it to a “forced redundancy” amid the backdrop of “sad losses,” referencing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The digital ripples have resonated widely, igniting discussions among experts and enthusiasts. The implications of this action remain a subject of debate.

Some interpret it as King Charles honoring Prince Harry’s wishes post-Megxit, while others speculate that the Duke might not be embraced within the royal fold anymore.

The timing of this digital shift follows an appeal by The Heritage Foundation for access to Prince Harry’s personal visa records in the United States.

The denial of this request led to heated exchanges. In a tweet, Nile Gardiner criticized the Department of Homeland Security’s lack of transparency regarding the Duke’s visa status.

Gardiner presented scenarios to decipher Prince Harry’s entry into the United States, highlighting potential motives and discrepancies. The argument revolves around privacy and transparency, with Gardiner criticizing the Biden Administration for lacking clarity.

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