Prince Harry’s Royal Exit Sparks Crisis: Will King Charles Turn to LinkedIn for New Members?

In a compelling piece for, royal commentator Daniela Elser sheds light on the struggles Prince William and King Charles faced due to significant departures within the Royal Family.

The first blow came in August 2019 when Prince Andrew’s association with Jeffery Epstein led to his disastrous interview, resulting in his virtual exile at Royal Lodge.

Shortly after Andrew’s departure, Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke, and Duchess of Sussex, made their dramatic exit from royal duties, shaking the Firm and bidding farewell to two more working HRHs.

As if this wasn’t enough, the years 2021 and 2022 witnessed the passing of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, further depleting the ranks of active royal family members.

With the loss of four prominent figures since 2019, the Royal Family faces a significant challenge in maintaining its numbers.

Some experts even suggest that King Charles may need to resort to unconventional measures, such as advertising for new members on platforms like LinkedIn.

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