Prince Harry’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Play in Hiding Contributions

Prince Harry’s passionate dedication to addressing mental health issues, notably through his work with the Invictus Games, is commendable.

However, allegations that he is sidelining the contributions of other royals, particularly Prince William and Kate Middleton, have sparked debate.

Daniela Elser has brought this matter to light in her piece for She emphasizes that she isn’t discrediting Harry’s pivotal role in the Invictus Games.

Indeed, he is recognized as the driving force behind this important initiative.

However, what troubles some observers is the apparent omission of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s involvement. Elser remarks that their absence from the narrative feels conspicuous and raises questions.

In her view, Prince Harry’s documentary, “Heart of Invictus,” is like staging “Romeo & Juliet” but only reading one-half of the star-crossed lovers’ lines. It’s as if it’s only part of the picture.

While she acknowledges Harry’s natural and genuine support for those facing mental health struggles, she believes it’s essential to recognize the broader family role.

Prince William and Kate have actively advocated mental health awareness through their Heads Together campaign. Their work aligns with the goals of the Invictus Games, yet it seems to be left unsaid in this narrative.

Elser’s point is not to diminish Harry’s contributions but to emphasize that the holistic picture includes the collective efforts of the royal family.

Acknowledging the entire family’s involvement is crucial to appreciating the impact of the Invictus Games.

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