Prince Harry’s Relocation to the US Raises Concerns About His Children’s Ties to Royal Grandparents

Prince Harry’s decision to settle in the United States has prompted growing concerns about the potential estrangement between his children, Archie and Lilibet, and their royal grandparents, particularly King Charles.

Renowned British journalist Jennie Bond recently shared her insights in an article for The Telegraph.

She delved into the implications of Prince Harry’s move and how it might affect the relationships within the royal family.

Bond painted a vivid picture, stating,

“He has planted his own sapling 5,000 miles away in California.”

With this move, the children, Archie and Lilibet, are seen as the first branches of a new family tree, taking root on American soil. However, Bond expressed concerns about the thinness of this family tree.

Meghan, the children’s mother, is no stranger to family estrangement, having experienced a bitter divide within her own family, with only her mother and a niece maintaining a close relationship with her.

Bond alluded to Meghan’s famous quote, “It’s not enough to just survive. You’ve got to thrive,” and questioned whether thriving is possible in self-imposed exile from one’s roots.

Bond pondered the immense challenge faced by Archie and Lilibet, who are part of one of the most exclusive and enigmatic tribes on Earth: the royal family.

This family’s history spans a thousand years, and their lives and pressures are a mystery to the outside world.

Being a royal comes with unique challenges, and Bond wondered if the children could thrive under these circumstances.

The journalist highlighted the irony that, in this scenario, only Harry’s family would understand his feelings and provide an effective support network to help him navigate his evident trauma.

However, Prince Harry’s actions seem to suggest otherwise. He has distanced himself from his family, levied multiple grievances against them, and publicly criticized them globally.

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