Prince Harry’s Overlooked Debt to Prince William in Mental Health Advocacy

Prince Harry’s recent comments about the Royal Family have ignited a discussion about whether he’s giving his brother, Prince William, the acknowledgment he deserves for his contributions to mental health advocacy.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser explored this topic in her article for, shedding light on the Duke’s perceived failure to show “due respect” to Prince William.

Elser suggested that while Prince Harry may have various grievances against his family, he could have indirectly acknowledged their efforts rather than pointedly ignoring them.

These allegations stem from Prince Harry’s speech in the Heart of Invictus documentary, which discussed the Royal Family’s inability to provide emotional support during difficult times.

He criticized the lack of solace offered after the death of Princess Diana and omitted to acknowledge Prince William and Kate Middleton’s work in the mental health field.

Despite the controversy, Elser recommended watching the Heart of Invictus, as it contains inspiring and moving moments. She advised having tissues on hand for the emotional parts of the documentary.

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