Prince Harry’s Ongoing Legal Battle: The Tabloid Showdown Continues

In a rollercoaster of legal drama, Prince Harry’s partial victory against a UK tabloid in the London trial may have been short-lived.

While the court allowed some aspects of his lawsuit against media magnate Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids to proceed to trial, claims of phone hacking dating back decades were dismissed as filed too late.

Additionally, the court rejected one of Prince Harry’s central arguments, refuting the existence of a “secret deal” between Buckingham Palace and Murdoch’s newspaper group to conceal illegal voicemail hacking involving royals’ mobile phones.

ITV journalist Rebecca Barry highlights the significance of News Group’s claimed “victory,” which appears to limit the scope of Prince Harry’s legal claim.

However, she warns that the battle is far from over. As early as January, the Duke of Sussex may return to the High Court, accusing The Sun of severe illegal activity.

The 38-year-old prince resides in California with Meghan and their children and is pursuing four cases at the High Court against British publishers.

He perceives these legal actions as a mission to hold tabloid executives accountable for spreading falsehoods and covering up extensive wrongdoing.

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