Prince Harry’s Memoir Sequel ‘Spare 2’ Leaves Royal Family Concerned

In a gripping revelation, royal expert Angela Levin has raised concerns over the potential sequel to Prince Harry’s memoir, aptly titled ‘Spare 2,’ following the release of his book, ‘Spare,’ in January.

Levin’s cautionary words highlight the unease within the royal family about the possibility of further revelations.

In an interview with GB News, Levin emphasized the worry sparked by the looming threat of ‘Spare 2.’

The video clip of her statement was widely shared across social media platforms, including the official YouTube and Twitter handles of GB News.

Levin cautioned that Prince Harry could use the sequel to divulge sensitive information about security matters and private conflicts within the royal family.

Speculations about potential tensions between King Charles and Prince William have piqued curiosity among royal enthusiasts.

Echoing these concerns, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams suggested that Prince Harry might drop more bombshells by releasing another book.

He expressed his views to The Sun, stating that if Harry fails to satisfy the expectations of Random House, the publisher of his memoir, they may lose interest.

Fitzwilliams further revealed that Harry had mentioned the possibility of a second book, built upon the 400 pages removed from the first draft of ‘Spare.’

The potential contents of such a book would likely be unsettling for the royal family.

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