Prince Harry’s Legal Triumph: High Court Ruling Favors Him in Tabloid Lawsuit

Prince Harry emerges victorious in a dramatic legal battle as a London High Court judge grants his lawsuit against The Sun tabloid the green light for trial.

The Duke of Sussex, joined by actor Hugh Grant, is taking on UK newspapers over alleged unlawful information-gathering practices, targeting News Group Newspapers (NGN), the publisher of The Sun and the now-defunct News of the World tabloids.

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, represented by NGN, had attempted to dismiss Harry’s claims, citing that they were beyond the acceptable time frame.

However, Judge Timothy Fancourt rules in favor of the prince, affirming that his case can proceed to trial.

Although the judge acknowledges NGN’s partial success in the time-limits argument regarding alleged phone hacking, he upholds Harry’s right to pursue the other aspects of his claims.

The trial, scheduled to commence in January 2024, will address the allegations of unlawful sourcing of confidential information by the tabloid, potentially involving the use of private investigators.

While the judge’s ruling doesn’t conclusively determine if the claims were made within the appropriate time frame, it affirms that there is enough evidence to support a trial.

On the other hand, regarding accusations of phone hacking dating back to the 2000s, the judge sides with NGN, stating that the “limitation period” had expired before Harry filed his claim in 2019.

Furthermore, the judge dismisses Harry’s argument that he delayed initiating the lawsuit due to a “secret agreement” between the royal family and the publisher.

This specific claim lacked sufficient evidence to be deemed plausible.

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