Prince Harry’s Grand Comeback: Swinging His Mallet to Resurrect His Image

In a compelling revelation, royal commentator Daniela Elser delved into Prince Harry’s plan to “completely resurrect himself” and reclaim his original identity.

In an engaging piece for, she discussed the duke’s strategy to rehabilitate his brand image and regain public support.

Elser hinted at a remarkable turnaround for the Sussexes, likening it to a resurrection, saying, “This demi-tour could be just the ticket to turn things around for the Sussexes. (Lazarus, hold my beer).”

The message is clear: Prince Harry is ready to rise like Lazarus from the ashes of controversy and redefine his public persona.

The expert emphasized that we can expect to witness the return of the authentic Prince Harry, engaging in charity work, connecting deeply with veterans and service personnel, and even gracing the polo grounds once again, gracefully swinging his mallet.

These are the areas where he once shone and made a name for himself, long before the constraints of royal protocol and the Buckingham Palace pool.

As the prince charts his new path, he is stepping into familiar territory, reclaiming his true essence, and finding his footing outside the confines of royalty.

His dedication to charitable causes and genuine connections with those in need is poised to rekindle the adoration and admiration he once enjoyed worldwide.

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