Prince Harry’s Friendship Fallout: The Megxit Aftermath

In the wake of Megxit, Prince Harry’s life has undergone significant changes, including a notable shift in his circle of friends and advisors.

According to experts, the Duke of Sussex has distanced himself from his former British pals, including his beloved nanny Tiggy, as he embarks on a new chapter alongside his wife, Meghan Markle.

Sarah Vine, a columnist on Palace Confidential, shared insights into Harry’s current social landscape, revealing, “I hear he doesn’t talk to any of his old friends, he doesn’t listen to any of his old advisers, people like Tiggy [Legge-Bourke], who used to be quite key in helping him, they’re just not there anymore.”

Meanwhile, royal correspondent Rebecca English emphasized that Harry’s decision has left him at a loss, cutting him off from genuine well-wishers who have his best interests at heart.

“There was a time he would listen to them, and you lose those friends at your peril. Your best friends are the ones who genuinely tell you the truth if you’ve made the wrong decision,” Ms. English stated.

The absence of his longtime friends and advisors is evident, and according to Ms. Vine, having a support system becomes crucial, especially during challenging times in a marriage. However, the expert pointed out that Harry “doesn’t have any friends of his own” anymore, highlighting a growing reliance on his American connections, primarily centered around Meghan.

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