Prince Harry’s Ego Hit: Impact on His Royal Path

The intriguing dynamics of Prince Harry’s ego are under the microscope as royal commentator Daniela Elser dissects the changes in his popularity and their effects.

In her recent piece for, Elser provides a thoughtful exploration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s current circumstances.

The focal point of the discussion revolves around the dwindling embrace of the American public for the Duke and Duchess. Elser comments,

“The bottom line here – after years of trying, Americans have not exactly wholeheartedly embraced the duke and duchess.”

Elser continues vividly, “The nation is not exactly clutching the Palace escapees to their bosom and doing some tender hair-stroking.”

The heart of the matter lies in the revelation that Prince Harry’s popularity is facing a downward trend despite their efforts.

Elser touches upon the recent Gallup news, describing it as an “ego-deflator,” a setback for the Sussexes.

Despite numerous interviews, a TV series, and the upcoming release of Harry’s book, their efforts to criticize the royal family, specifically Prince William, seem to have encountered roadblocks.

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