Prince Harry: The Driving Force Behind Meghan Markle’s Fame?

In a candid and controversial discussion, Paul Burell, Princess Diana’s former butler, raised eyebrows as he suggested that Prince Harry is the main reason for Meghan Markle’s fame.

Burell aimed at the Duke of Sussex, pointing out what he perceived as a lack of individual substance.

Burell didn’t hold back, stating, “What else is Harry famous for, being royal?” He argued that Meghan’s fame predominantly stems from her marriage to the royal family.

According to him, their entire narrative revolves around her transformation from an actress to royalty.

As the conversation unfolded, Burell expressed disappointment in the content offered by the Sussexes after their Netflix and Spotify deals.

He believed these platforms signed up for their royal experiences and family ties, but the reality fell short of expectations.

The former butler suggested that Meghan and Harry should have anticipated the public’s response, considering their professional setup.

He hinted that certain factors may have misled or blinded them, leading to a disconnect between their narrative and the audience’s interests.

Moreover, Burell pointed out a perceived decline in the couple’s popularity on both sides of the Atlantic.

He recounted conversations with ordinary Americans who claimed to have lost interest in the Meghan and Harry story, indicating a waning fascination with their lives.

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