Prince Harry: Struggling in the Desert of Relevance

Experts question their creative relevance as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle navigate their post-Megxit journey.

In her recent analysis, British journalist Angela Epstein highlights the couple’s diminishing opportunities and lackluster projects.

Epstein remarks that the couple’s attempts to capitalize on their royal connection and criticize the family seem to have reached a dead-end.

Their Spotify deal worth £15.5 million faltered after just one series of Meghan’s show, “Archetypes,” leaving doubts about the material’s quality and value for money.

Furthermore, their £76.5 million Netflix deal is reportedly hanging in the balance, adding to their creative endeavors’ uncertainty.

With the Sussexes’ departure from Frogmore Cottage, the home gifted to them by the late Queen Elizabeth, the delicate ties that once bound them to Harry’s royal heritage have been severed.

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