Prince Harry Stays Committed to Travalyst Amid Rumors

Contrary to recent reports suggesting Prince Harry’s departure from Travalyst, the travel company he founded in 2019, the Duke of Sussex remains an integral part of the organization.

Chief Executive Officer Sally Davey refuted the claims, affirming that Harry’s position within Travalyst has not changed.

In a statement to People Magazine, Davey clarified that Prince Harry is still the founder of Travalyst and continues to play a pivotal role in strategic discussions and decisions alongside their partners and Board.

Despite the rumors, Prince Harry’s name remains listed on Travalyst’s website as a founder and patron, confirming his ongoing involvement.

The green travel initiative was established to promote sustainability in the travel industry, encouraging travelers and travel companies to make environmentally conscious choices.

Harry was inspired to create Travalyst during his 2012 visit to a coral reef replanting project in the Caribbean, where a young boy’s heartfelt plea about the impact of environmental degradation struck a chord with him.

Prince Harry shares a common passion for the environment with his father, King Charles, and brother, Prince William.

King Charles has been a lifelong advocate for environmental issues, supporting initiatives to alleviate such problems.

On the other hand, Prince William introduced the Earthshot Prize, an award that encourages innovative solutions to combat the climate crisis faced by the world.

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