Prince Harry Severs All Ties with Buckingham Palace Amid Growing Strain

According to a recent report from The Sunday Times, Prince Harry has allegedly wholly cut off contact with Buckingham Palace, including his father, Prince Charles, and his brother, Prince William.

The decision to sever ties reportedly stems from Harry’s perception that the palace did not adequately support him and Meghan Markle after they decided to step back from their royal duties.

Additionally, it is said that Harry plans to release a memoir that is anticipated to contain highly critical remarks about the royal family.

As of now, a spokesperson for Prince Harry has not commented on the report.

This development comes at a time when the relationship between Harry and the royal family is already strained.

In their revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, Harry and Meghan made numerous allegations against the royal family, including a claim that an unnamed member expressed concerns about their son Archie’s skin color.

The interview sparked a major scandal, and the relationship between Harry and the royal family has never fully recovered.

The future outlook for Harry and the royal family remains uncertain.

Currently residing in California with Meghan and their two children, Harry has no plans to return to the UK permanently.

The royal family has yet to issue a response to the report.

How the royal family will address Harry’s decision to sever contact remains to be seen.

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