Prince Harry Faces Tough Challenge to Change His Public Image

Prince Harry can’t simply escape the less-than-ideal image he’s carved out for himself, warn experts. PR strategist and mentor at PR with Perkes, Laura Perkes, shared her insights in a candid conversation with the Daily Mirror, shedding light on the challenges the Duke of Sussex faces.

Perkes delved into the couple’s attempts to connect with the public, noting that they often seem to miss the mark in their endeavours. She started by saying,

“Harry and Meghan have constructed a reputation that they won’t easily shake off. As a result, the media and the public will always have a certain perception of the couple and the motivations behind their decisions.”

She expressed disappointment at what she sees as calculated moves that aim to project an image of compassion and normality.

However, she believes these efforts often fall flat, with the public and media sensing a disconnect.

“Sadly, much of their actions appear contrived, intended to create the illusion that they’re living up to their organization’s motto: leading the way with compassion. But the public and media remain skeptical. It seems they try too hard and miss the mark.”

Taking Halloween as an example, Perkes speculated on their intentions behind taking their children, Archie and Lilibet, trick-or-treating. She suggested,

“It might be an attempt to establish a family tradition and show that they’re ‘just a normal family’ doing ordinary things. However, it feels like a PR stunt in disguise. It’s the image they want to project.”

She further commented on the paradox of the couple’s desire for privacy and the simultaneous quest for positive publicity.

“They stepped down from their roles as working Royals to escape media scrutiny, yet they want their ‘normal family life’ to be captured by photographers, presumably to garner more positive attention.”

Wrapping up her analysis, Perkes acknowledged Harry’s commendable contributions, such as his work with the Invictus Games and his openness about mental health.

Nevertheless, she noted, “Sadly, it now appears as though he’s leveraging these platforms to enhance his personal image and reputation.”

In her view, this transformation is disheartening because Harry had the potential to accomplish even more.

However, Perkes emphasized that many have become wary of collaborating with the couple due to their behaviour and decision-making.

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