Prince Harry and Meghan’s Secret House Hunt: Malibu Calling!

In a whirlwind of rumors and speculation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to be on a secret house hunt in Malibu, considering the possibility of a new residence in the scenic Californian hotspot.

A well-placed source revealed intriguing insights about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s plans to explore living options in Malibu.

The couple has reportedly made discreet visits to the area, pondering the allure of this coastal haven.

Meghan’s past familiarity with Malibu adds a sentimental touch to their house-hunting escapades, as she spent time in the region during her childhood.

The potential for a new home in this idyllic setting has piqued the couple’s interest, raising questions about whether they will sell their current residence in Montecito or add a Malibu property to their portfolio.

The allure of Malibu lies not only in its breathtaking scenery but also in the vibrant social scene, with spots like Soho House capturing Meghan’s fondness.

As prominent figures, Prince Harry and Meghan would undoubtedly be sought-after guests at significant gatherings, adding a touch of royal charm to the coastal community.

However, the couple faces crucial decisions regarding their children’s education.

With Archie turning five next year, the question of schooling arises, and the contrast between homeschooling and traditional schools in Malibu becomes a significant factor in their deliberations.

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